REDEYE Laser Aiming Tool

Aiming driving lamps has never been so easy!

Aiming driving lamps has never been so easy thanks to COBRA II Series REDEYE™, Roadvision's latest innovative design. REDEYE™ takes the guess work out of aiming driving lamps - simply push the REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool into the top of the lamp, press the button and the laser points to the exact position the lamp is aimed. REDEYE™ also features a level bubble for coarse adjustment and securely houses the Allen key for tightening the mounting bolts. With REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool, lamps can be aimed day or night with fine accuracy.

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The REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool works by parking a vehicle on a flat surface facing a wall or garage door (at a distance of five metres). The head lamps are turned on and the centre position between the lamps are marked on the wall.

The mounting bolts are to be loosened slightly so that the lamps can be aimed by hand with some resistance. With the driving lamps aimed in a forward direction, the distance between the centre of both driving lamps is to be measured. This measurement is to be divided by two and the distance marked from the centre point - either side on the horizontal plane.

The distance from the centre of the lamp to the floor is to be measured and marked on the vertical plane (in line with the horizontal plane measurements). The REDEYE™ Laser Aiming Tool is to be fitted to the driving lamp, turned on and aimed at the measured points. The driving lamp can then be tightened and the process repeated for the other lamp.