Dummy Load Resistors

Roadvision’s LED Dummy Load Resistors simulate a 21W globe in the circuit to rectify globe out messages & flash rate when using LED lights.

More and more customers are experiencing sporadic warning messages in vehicles when fitting LED lamps due to the reduced current draw of LED’s. A simple solution is to fit a LED Dummy Load Resistor in the circuit to simulate a 21W globe. Aluminium housed wire wound resistors feature stable performance due to their ability to dissipate heat radiation effectively. When mounted to a chassis or metal surface, the heat sink effect is utilised to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Complete environmental protection is achieved using a completely welded construction.

  • Simulate a 21 Watt globe in the circuit
  • Can be used on vehicles with electronic components that are not LED compatible
  • Rectifies globe out warning messages by simulating globe load in the circuit
  • Rectifies flash rate when using LED indicator lamps
  • Rated at 12V or 24V 50 Watt
  • 12V 6 Ohm or 24V 24 Ohm
  • Easy 2 wire installation
  • Simply connect between positive and negative feed to LED lamp
  • Aluminium housed wire wound resistor for optimum performance and stability

  • Part Numbers

    Spares & Accessories


    BR12 BRR24
    Input Voltage 12 Volt DC 24 Volt DC
    Current Capacity Watts 50 Watt 50 Watt
    Resistance Ohms 6 24
    Simulated Globe Wattage 21 Watt 21 Watt
    Housing Construction Aluminium Aluminium
    Resistor Type Wire Wound Wire Wound
    Dimensions 52 x 30 x 16mm 52 x 30 x 16mm
    Mounting Hole Centres 45mm 45mm
    Cable Length 150mm Pre Wired 150mm Pre Wired