1223 LumenX Series

Introducing PETERSON’s LumenX® Series… The brightest most efficient LED lighting in the industry!

Peterson’s new LumenX® Series safety lights take LED brightness and safety to a whole new level. Engineered around the latest ultra-bright diodes, the LumenX® Series comprises stop/tail, indicator, reverse and work lights available in 4” round and 6” oval footprints. Peterson’s in-house design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing teams collaborated closely to harness the new LED’s blazing intensity. The key was a radical new lens design with optics so efficient at dispersing light that the entire lens illuminates fully.

Photometric testing proves LumenX® reds are 25% brighter; LumenX® ambers test twice as bright. LumenX® Series models include red, amber and white in both 9 LED 4” rounds and 10 LED ovals. Each model features fully integrated injection moulding for robust protection and are supplied with AMP compatible connectors. Peterson’s LumenX® Series lamps are multi-volt 9-32V, water and dust proof to IP67, fully compliant with ADR/ECE regulations and come with a 100,000hr rated LED lifespan. Proudly made-in-USA and backed by Petersons lifetime* warranty, that’s why Peterson is the premium choice in LED lighting!

  • 􀂂 LumenX® 1223 Series 6.5” oval flange mount lamps
  • 􀂂 Multi-volt 9-32V DC input
  • 􀂂 LumenX® optics for even, round light distribution
  • 􀂂 10 LumenX® red LED’s
  • 􀂂 100,000 hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
  • 􀂂 Water & dust proof to IP67
  • 􀂂 Waterproof AMP style connector
  • 􀂂 Kits supplied with 200mm AMP connector & lead
  • 􀂂 Conventional recessed flange mount
  • 􀂂 Maintenance free
  • 􀂂 ADR/ECE approved for all functions
  • 􀂂 Proudly Made-in-USA

Part Numbers

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1223R-10 1223A-10 1223C-10
Input Voltage 10-30 Volt DC 10-30 Volt DC 10-30 Volt DC
Lamp Functions Stop/Tail Rear Indicator Reverse
Lens Colour Red Amber Clear
No. of LED's  10 LED's 10 LED's 10 LED's
Current Draw Amps  0.3/0.05 Amps @ 13.8V DC 0.3 Amps @ 13.8V DC
0.3 Amps @ 13.8V DC
Housing Construction High Impact ABS High Impact ABS High Impact ABS
Lens Construction PMMA-HI PMMA-HI PMMA-HI
Dimensions 200 x 92 x 36mm 200 x 92 x 36mm 200 x 92 x 36mm
Mounting Type Flange Mount Kit Flange Mount
Mounting Hole Cut Out 4 @ 100 x 76mm 4 @ 100 x 76mm 4 @ 100 x 76mm
Cable Length Waterproof AMP Plug Waterproof AMP Plug Waterproof AMP Plug
Approvals E4-7R-14127 ECE E13 6R- 14128 ECE E9 23R- 14181

Line Diagram