1218 LumenX Series

Introducing PETERSON’s LumenX® Series… The brightest most efficient LED lighting in the industry!

Peterson’s new LumenX® Series safety lights take LED brightness and safety to a whole new level. Engineered around the latest ultra-bright diodes, the LumenX® Series comprises stop/tail, indicator, reverse and work lights available in 4” round and 6” oval footprints. Peterson’s in-house design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing teams collaborated closely to harness the new LED’s blazing intensity. The key was a radical new lens design with optics so efficient at dispersing light that the entire lens illuminates fully.

Photometric testing proves LumenX® reds are 25% brighter; LumenX® ambers test twice as bright. LumenX® Series models include red, amber and white in both 9 LED 4” rounds and 10 LED ovals. Each model features fully integrated injection moulding for robust protection and are supplied with AMP compatible connectors. Peterson’s LumenX® Series lamps are multi-volt 9-32V, water and dust proof to IP67, fully compliant with ADR/ECE regulations and come with a 100,000hr rated LED lifespan. Proudly made-in-USA and backed by Petersons lifetime* warranty, that’s why Peterson is the premium choice in LED lighting!

  • 􀂂 LumenX® 1218 Series 5.5” round flange mount lamps
  • 􀂂 Multi-volt 9-32V DC input
  • 􀂂 LumenX® optics for even, round light distribution
  • 􀂂 9 LumenX® red LED’s
  • 􀂂 100,000 hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
  • 􀂂 Water & dust proof to IP67
  • 􀂂 Waterproof AMP style connector
  • 􀂂 Kits supplied with 200mm AMP connector & lead
  • 􀂂 Conventional recessed flange mount
  • 􀂂 Multiple mounting options & dress-up bezels
  • 􀂂 ADR/ECE approved for all functions
  • 􀂂 Proudly Made-in-USA

Part Numbers

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Individual Lamps 1218A-9 1217A-1C 1218R-9 1218R-2C 1218C-9 
Input Voltage 9-32 Volt DC 9-32 Volt DC 9-32 Volt DC 9-32V DC 9-32 Volt DC
Lamp Functions Rear Indicator Rear Indicator Stop/Tail Stop/Tail Reverse
Lens Colour  Amber  Clear  Red Clear Clear
No. of LED's 9 LED's 10 LED's 9 LED's 10 LED's 9 LED's
Current Draw Amps  0.2 Amps @ 13.8V DC 0.3 Amps @ 13.8V DC 0.2/0.05 Amps @ 13.8V DC 0.2/0.1 Amps @ 13.8V DC 02 Amps @ 13.8V DC
Dimensions 140 x 35mm
140 x 35mm
140 x 35mm 140 x 35mm 140 x 35mm
Mounting Type Flange Mount
Flange Mount
Flange Mount Kit Flange Mount Flange Mount
Mounting Hole Cut Out 115mm Mounting Hole 115mm Mounting Hole 115mm Mounting Hole 115mm Mounting Hole 115mm Mounting Hole
Cable Length Waterproof AMP Plug 300mm Leads Waterproof AMP Plug 300mm Leads Waterproof AMP Plug
IP Rating IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Approvals ECE E13 6R-14137 CRN 37793 E4-7R-14138 CRN 34856 ECE E9 23R-14183

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