RB130 Series

Roadvision’s RB130 series compact LED 360° strobe or rotating beacons…

Roadvision’s RB130 series compact LED 360° strobe or rotating beacons… perfect for everyday use and abuse! Roadvision’s super bright RB130 Series compact strobe or simulated rotating beacons deliver the durability of maintenance free LED technology and greater visibility, providing increased safety.

Featuring multi-voltage 10-36V input, high impact polycarbonate lens and housing, they offer superior construction quality and extreme durability. The RB130’s 30 high performance SMD LED’s produce 10 watts whilst drawing only 0.7 amps, making it an ideal solution where voltage drop is an issue. Available in quad flash or simulated rotating patterns with 3 bolt fixed or magnetic mounts, these beacons are weatherproof and maintenance free with a life span rated at 100,000 hours. With ROADVISION it’s FIT and FORGET.

  • ‚‚ 360° high intensity LED beacon
  • ‚‚ Available in quad strobe or simulated rotating
  • ‚‚ Multi-volt 10-36V DC input & low current draw
  • ‚‚ 30 SMD LED’s producing 10 watts
  • ‚‚ Brighter than conventional incandescent systems
  • ‚‚ 100,000 hour rated LED life span
  • ‚‚ Tough polycarbonate lens and housing
  • ‚‚ Vibration and waterproof sealed unit
  • ‚‚ Available in 3 hole fixed or magnetic mounts

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 Function  Quad Strobe  Simulated Rotating  Quad Strobe  Simulated Rotating
 Light Source  30SMD LED'S  30SMD LED'S  30SMD LED'S  30SMD LED'S
 Flash / Rotation Rate  Quad  180rpm  Quad  180rpm
 Dimensions  117.3x130mm  117.3x130mm  117.3x130mm  117.3x130mm
 Current Draw Amps  0.7A @ 13.8V   0.7A @ 13.8V   0.7A @ 13.8V   0.7A @ 13.8V
 Mounting Type  3 Hole Fixed 118mm C/C   3 Hole Fixed 118mm C/C Magnetic  Magnetic
Wiring 350mm Pre-Wired 350mm Pre-Wired
3m Curly Cord with Cig Plug
3m Curly Cord with Cig Plug