SRQ/SRQ2 Series

ROADVISION has expanded its LED work lamp range with the addition of Rigid Industries SRQ/SRQ2 Series LED work lamps.

The big brother of the SRM/SRM2 Series, the SRQ’s are a sleek low profile lighting option with equivalent light output to that of the HD Dually Series. Measuring less than 2” x 5”, the SRQ Series are a truly versatile LED work lamp. Rigid’s SRQ’s are a super bright, compact light designed, engineered, assembled and torture tested in the USA, that’s why Rigid can offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Multi-voltage input, high impact polycarbonate lenses and tough die cast aluminium housings they offer superior construction quality and extreme durability. Totally water and dust proof to IP68, the SRQ/SRQ2 Series can survive the harshest Australian conditions. Producing up to 3,096lm whilst drawing only 2.5 amps, the SRQ/SRQ2 Series continues the trend that Rigid Industries is known for; efficiency and superior illumination! Featuring the latest thermally managed LED technology and updated patented optics, Rigid continues to offer the brightest, furthest projecting, most efficient LED work lamps available.
  • ‚‚ Rigid SRQ/SRQ2 Series produce up to 3.096lm of instant light output equivalent to a 250 watt halogen lamp
  • ‚‚ 4 or 6 high performance 5 watt LED’s
  • ‚‚ Multi-volt 9-36V DC input with super low current draw
  • ‚‚ 50,000+ hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
  • ‚‚ Tough die cast aluminium housing and unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • ‚‚ Durable UV 3800 polyester powder coat
  • ‚‚ Water and dust proof IP68 rated
  • ‚‚ Simple 2 wire installation with waterproof Deutsch plug
  • ‚‚ RFI/EMI protected, MIL810-STDG vibration & ROHzS compliant

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SRQ2 SRQ2 Hyperspot (RVW91671)
Number of LED's Total 4 x 3.8 Watt High Performance LED's 6 x 5.8 Watt High Performance LED's
6 x 3.3 Watt High Performance LED's
Lumens Light Output Total 1,568 Lumens 3,096 Lumens
1,760 Lumens
Watts 15W 35W 20W
Input Voltage 9-36 Volt DC 9-36 Volt DC
9-36 Volt DC
Current Draw Amps Total 1.1 Amps @ 13.8 V DC 2.5 Amps @ 13.8 V DC
1.4 Amps @ 13.8 V DC
Housing Construction Die Cast Aluminium Die Cast Aluminium
Die Cast Aluminium
Lens Construction Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Dimensions 125 x 46 x 57mm 125 x 46 x 57mm
125 x 46 x 57mm
Mounting Depth 10mm 10mm
Witing 2 Pin Deutsch Plug 2 Pin Deutsch Plug
2 Pin Deutsch Plug
Weight 0.45kg 0.45kg 0.45kg

RW90411SRQ Flood Beam Pattern

RVW90421 SRQ Spot Beam Pattern

RVW90451 SRQ Diffused Beam Pattern

RVW91411 SRQ2 Wide Beam Pattern

RVW91431 SRQ2 Driving Beam Pattern

RW91451 SRQ2 Diffused Beam Pattern

RW91671 SRQ2 Hyperspot Beam Pattern

*Beam patterns are indicative and are for illustration purposes only.

Line Drawing