Cobra Series II HID

Ultimate performance, light weight, extremely durable… Turn night into day!

An evolutionary leap through hybrid technology! Roadvision’s latest release is the Cobra Series II, engineered with high performance HID xenon technology, whilst incorporating the advantages of LED (light emitting diode), creating a hybrid driving lamp range. Designed in Australia specifically for the truck, transport and 4WD industry, the Cobra II lamps have been engineered to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. Boasting superior construction quality, extreme durability whilst delivering the unrivalled performance of a much larger lamp. Leading the industry in lighting design and technology, ROADVISION’s Cobra II raises the standard in product design with an OEM quality, state-of-the-art driving lamp range.

Cobra Series II driving lamps are ideal for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket retrofitting to modern styled vehicles and 4WD’s. Delivering unrivalled performance and safety from their HID xenon gas discharge technology and Hybrid LED position lamps, the Cobra II lamps are at the forefront of automotive lighting design. Featuring multi-voltage input and multi position mounting, engineered with an ultra-shallow mounting depth, the Cobra II lamps re so versatile they can be fitted to almost any vehicle. Manufactured with high impact light weight housings and a toughened glass lens, they offer superior construction quality and extreme durability. Each driving lamp comes complete with weatherproof Deutsch connectors, a simple 2m wiring harness and amber,  blue and clear protective covers. ROADVISION’s Cobra II have also been designed as a complete DIY driving lamp solution with our optional REDEYE™ Laser  Aiming Tool for precise aiming and AIRWIRE™ Remote Controlled Wiring Loom for the simplest of installations. ROADVISION… Leading the industry in design and technology!
  • ‚‚ Hybrid LED/HID xenon gas discharge technology
  • ‚‚ 9-32 volt input & extremely low current draw
  • ‚‚ Extreme performance 35W HID xenon with internal electronics produces 3500 lumens
  • ‚‚ Hybrid integrated LED position lamps
  • ‚‚ Tough high impact housing and toughened glass lens
  • ‚‚ Weather and vibration resistant
  • ‚‚ Light weight construction
  • ‚‚ Multi-position mounting featuring ultra shallow mounting depth
  • ‚‚ Complete with simple 2m wiring loom
  • ‚‚ Easy 4 wire installation with weatherproof Deutsch connectors
  • ‚‚ Amber, blue and clear protective covers included
  • ‚‚ Optional REDEYE™ laser tool for precise aiming
  • ‚‚ Optional AIRWIRE™ remote controlled wiring loom

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Beam Type Spot/Pencil Beam Driving/Spread Beam
Lumens Light Output (Effective) 3500lm 3500lm
Bulb / Ballast Internal 35W HID Xenon 6000K Internal 35W HID Xenon 6000K
Voltage 9-32 Volt DC 9-32Volt DC
Current Draw Main 2.5A, Park 0.05A @ 13.8V Main 2.5A, Park 0.05A @ 13.8V
Dimensions 190 x 230 x 110mm 190 x 230 x 110mm
Diameter 190mm (7")
190mm (7")
Mounting Depth 40-62mm 40-62mm
Housing Construction High Impact ABS High Impact ABS
Lens Construction Hardened Glass Hardened Glass
Wiring 2 Pin Deutsch Plug & Bullet Terminals 2 Pin Deutsch Plug & Bullet Terminals
Weight 1.1kg 1.1kg

Beam Pattern RVD190HID-S

Beam Pattern RVD190HID-D

*Beam patterns are indicative and are for illustration purposes only.

Line Diagrams